Jinmei Chi
Dizz Mall

Dizz Mall is a fictional store created by Jinmei Chi who plays with the tropes of marketing and sales to illustrate the absurdity of our culture of consumption. Chi has packaged found materials, combining items to create nonsensical products, and presents them in a store-like setting. Promotional brochures proclaim the values to be had at Dizz Mall and the necessity of the store’s offerings in our lives. Ironically using items scavenged from the trash that once stocked the shelves of similar retail establishments, Chi points out how quickly objects can shift from valued commodities to worthless discards.

Chi has just completed her final semester as an undergraduate at the California College of the Arts where she majored in sculpture and minored in visual studies. She has exhibited at A21 Gallery in Oakland, the Kala Art Institute, and the Wattis Gallery in San Francisco.


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